Catering Equipment

Salad bowls

  • Large bowl white on stand R35.00

Salad bowls

  • Medium bowl white R18.00

Salad bowls

  • Small bowl white R18.00

Serving ware

  • Salad spoons R5.00
  • Serving spoons R5.00
  • Serving tongs R5.00
  • Soup laddle R5.00

Bread baskets

  • Bread basket R7.00

Bread horns

  • Bread horns large R25.00

Salt and Peper sets

  • Salt and Peper set white R7.00

Teapots, milk jug,
sugar bowls

  • Sugar bowl R7.00
  • Milk jug R7.00
  • Teapots R13.00

Glass dispensers

  • Dispenser Bee hive shape R80.00
  • Dispenser on stand R80.00

Bread boards

  • Bread boards R12.00

Platters Silver

  • Platter rectangular R20.00
  • Platter oval R20.00

Platters White

  • Oval Large R55.00
  • Oval Meduim R25.00
  • Oval Small R20.00


  • Urns R100.00

    We do have different sizes urns.

Hot trays

  • Hot trays R120.00


  • Chafers food warmers R120.00

    Include gel

Serving trays Non Slip

  • Black R15.00

Popcorn Machine

  • Machine only R400.00
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