Crystal Ware

Constalation Crystal Lamp

  • Height 61cm R200.00

    Can use candles or light

Crystal candle stick

  • Height 25cm R40.00

Crystal candelabra

  • Height 72cm R300.00

    5 Candle holders

Crystal votives

  • Height 7cm R25.00

Constalation crystal votive

  • Height 12cm R35.00

Crystal hurricanes

  • Long shape R25.00

    H - 14cm, W -8cm

  • Flat shape R25.00

    H - 10cm, W -9cm

Crystal large wide Ftd hurricane

  • 20cm x 16cm R50.00

Crystal votive square

  • Height 18cm R30.00

    Size 10x10cm

Belle glass votive meduim

  • 8cm x 10.5cm R15.00

Belle glass votive small

  • 7cm x 8cm R10.00

Chrystal bottle small

  • Height 9cm R10.00
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