Glasses & Bar Accessories

Catering range

  • Zombie glass R2.00
  • Willy glass R2.00
  • Hi Ball glass R2.00
  • Whiskey glass R2.00
  • Shooter glass R2.00
  • Martini glass R3.50
  • Cocktail glass R3.50

Stem ware catering

  • Champagne glass R2.00
  • Red wine glass R2.00
  • White wine glass R2.00
  • Juice/Water glass R2.00
  • Sherry glass R2.00

Coloured glasses - Long stem

  • Blue wine glass R5.00
  • Gold/Brown wine glass R5.00
  • Black wine glass R5.00
  • Black champagne glass R5.00
  • Large red wine glass R5.00

Crystal range

  • Crystal champagne glass R5.00
  • Crystal wine glass R5.00
  • Crystal Hi ball glass R5.00
  • Crystal juice jugs R10.00

Jugs Catering

  • Juice jugs R5.00


  • Small glass bottles for drinks R3.00

Champagne holders

  • Champagne bowl silver range R60.00

Ice buckets

  • Ice bucket silver R30.00
  • Ice bucket rusty R30.00

Openers and tongs

  • Bottle openers R5.00
  • Ice tongs R4.00

Sink Baths

  • Large R80.00
  • Meduim R50.00
  • Small R30.00

Rose gold
champagne holder

  • Each R100.00

Beer mug small

  • Each R5.00

Mason jar with lid

  • Each R5.00

Gin glass

  • 550ml R7.00

Green wine glass

  • Each R5.00

Pink/Plum wine glass

  • Each R5.00

Blue wine glass

  • Each R5.00

Large Champagne holders

  • Silver

    Height 25cm
    Diameter 52cm

Glasses with gold edge

  • Champagne R5.00
  • Red Wine R5.00
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