Table accessories

  • Under plates Melamine - Variety of colours R9.00






Mink Pink

Lime green





Tosca Champagne colour

  • R12.00

Tosca Gold colour

  • R12.00

Wooden round - 25cm

  • R10.00

Metal Silver

  • R10.00

Metal Rusty

  • R10.00

Metal Rose Gold

  • R15.00

Stick Square

  • R7.00

Glass Round

  • R15.00

Glass Square

  • R12.00

Glass round Gold pearl edge

  • R20.00

Silver Embossed edge

  • R15.00

Ash trays

  • R5.00

Photo frame table number

  • R25.00

Mirror table number

  • R20.00

Silver table number

  • R30.00

Rusty table number

  • R18.00

Silver/Gold Table
nuber holder

  • R22.00

Stick table number

  • R20.00

Clear and White Perspex Table number

  • R20.00

Thick wood table number

  • R16.00

Copper pipe stand table number-Height 35cm

  • R35.00

Table accessories

  • Napkin rings (different designs) From R3.50

  • Buckles ( Different designs) (Big for tiebacks or napkins) From R3.00

  • Glass round plates - 50cm R25.00

  • Mirrors round - 30cm R16.00

  • Mirrors round - 40cm R22.00

  • Mirrors round - 50cm R28.00

  • Mirrors round 35cm with silver bead edge R25.00

  • Mirrors round 15cm with silver bead edge R18.00

  • Mirrors square - 30x30cm R15.00

  • Mirrors square - 45x45cm R25.00

  • Mirror long - 100cmx30cm R60.00

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